Point of Sale Systems (POS) in Nairobi Kenya

Our POS system ideally lends itself to your growing, small business needs as a user-friendly, small, all-in-one POS system with all the peripherals built-in. Maximize your return on Investment with everything out of one box touch screen technology, printer, customer display, POS software, and interfaces to support the latest POS devices!

At the heart lies fully compatible, fine-tuned hardware that will not compromise reliability or performance. Moreover, the intuitive touch screen speeds up transactions as well as delivers an optimal conciliation between display and housing size. A fast thermal printer with Easy-Load, auto cutter, and its dependable printer mechanism provides years of operation with minimal down time.

Additionally, the built-in POS software lets you completely customize the system to service any industry such as retail, food service, or bakeries.

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Retail POS Systems

Our POS systems represent the answer to the expanding number of small to medium sized shops and chains asking for a cost-effective, fully integrated POS solution. We designed our retail POS systems with you in mind to deliver simple, flexible, and efficient solutions that help your business.

With the POS software you receive both an amazingly rich feature set and superior usability. For instance, it delivers extensive tailoring tools, so that you can customize the interface to suit you. Quickly program your POS system on your PC and then send the data over via your PC network to all Electronic Cash Registers (ECR). Likewise, retrieve data from ECRs via LAN or WAN. Plus, it supplies a complete management system with highlights such as Price look-ups (PLU), barcode printing, and scanning. You can also program up to 50 types of multi-buy action tables and thereby offer special discounts to repeat customers. Functions such as credit card processing, reporting, and customer management will give you the edge you need. Achieve new levels of checkout proficiency, improve customer service, and enhance client satisfaction.

Low cost of ownership and increased profitability are fundamental to retail POS systems. You receive a fully integrated retail management solution that disposes of high admin/maintenance costs and complex servers. After all, you want to manage your store and not your software.

Food Service POS Systems

Whether you run a take-out, a table based restaurant, or a coffee shop, your customers will always insist on a convenient and consistent service. This is where we help you.

It’s ingenious touch screen menu opens new possibilities to cleverly manage your restaurant. Take advantage of an intuitive user interface, which offers table layouts, menu structures, and button customization. Create fully interactive table layouts to fit the interior of your restaurant. Color codes show the status of a table and thereby convey information about it – see which tables are open or closed as well as those that the service staff has neglected. Skillfully manage all tables to increase operating efficiencies and maximize customer turn-over. Separate / combine tables, reopen them, or transfer balances fast and easy. You can also take advantage of the software’s table floating capability, which automatically transfers all active sales data per customer to any POS system in your network. Share information and devices over a network to remain as flexible as your business requires.

Bakery POS Systems

Our bakery POS systems cater to your exact needs through years of input from partners and bakery owners alike. Ultimately, you receive features that save you time plus money through low cost of ownership, work flow improvements, and flexibility.

Our bakery POS solutions present the ideal choice for bakery businesses that do not wish to invest in expensive server systems, but nonetheless wish to stream line their work flows. The POS software helps you pro actively manage orders, receipts as well as baking lists and accounts. Moreover, it stores ample info services for quick access to Price look-ups (PLUs), prices, and descriptors. The built-in floating functionality makes order registration a breeze even during peak hours. With the assistance of a touch screen, you gain further work flow enhancements via the menu driven order entry. Best of all, these features come standard with any cash register or POS system. You therefore gain a professional bakery management suite at the fraction of the cost you would ordinarily pay for competing products in the industry.

Despite the low cost of ownership our bakery systems remain scalable even on the day you decide to expand your business. It easily supports remote dial up to retrieve data from several stores. But it does not end there! The software supports a wide variety of peripherals devices such as ordering terminals or beverage dispensers, if you wish to supplement your service offer as well.

Salon POS Systems

From small boutiques to networked, multi-regional chain salons, our salon POS solutions provide you with an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use touch screen driven interface to streamline salon operations, improve customer service, and maximize profits.

Manage virtually all types of salons – either in form of a stand-alone system or WAN linked chain of stores. The POS software supports both scenarios. Moreover, the tremendous user experience coupled with the secure embedded POS hardware, allows even those with limited PC experience to start serving your clients almost immediately. This saves you critical time and training costs, thereby addressing the high employee turn-over rate often found in the industry. With the POS software’s powerful reporting tools you can also quickly capture and analyze critical business data. Irrespective of size, turnover, or the way you run your hair salon,our salon POS solutions ultimately let you stay in control of your business.

Dry Cleaners POS Systems

In addition to delivering outstanding retail and food service POS solutions, our POS makes dry cleaning service features available to you as well. These POS systems present the perfect fit for small businesses with a walk-in customer base and personal interaction.

The pre-installed POS software addresses the need for greater flexibility in receipt design and management. Ticket print outs are fast and easy in combination with touch screen POS systems. Design your own tickets styles, include your own content, insert bar code options, or personalize receipts with your own marketing message or company logo. It’s all included. Along with the receipts, the software prints out separate hydrofix-paper tickets for each one of your clients to easily tag their garments. This greatly speeds up retrieval and client processing, increasing your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

Yet, the great flexibility does not end with the receipt alone. The POS software confers greater business utility as well, because it lets you concentrate on your customers rather than on tedious paper-work, lengthy retrieval of clothing items or tabulating totals at the end of the day. Call up balance reports, automate balancing, and directly access PLU items (such as articles) with our fast touch screen menus.

The dry cleaning software functions provide you with the cornerstones to deliver professional, stream-lined service and have customers return to YOUR store for their garment needs.