Facebook Groups Marketing Automation

We automate your posting to major Facebook marketing groups such as Soko kuu Kilimani mums Kilimani dads business ideas 101 the groups that we will be posting to are the groups you have joined personally.

Instead of you doing the posting manually by yourself we help you save time by using a system to do the posting.

Our system post at an interval of 6 minutes on a single groups so when set from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm the system will have posted on 120 groups, on average of the 120 groups each group we can say has a minimum of 5000 members 5000 by 120 will be 600,000 so on a daily basis we assume you will be reaching over 600,000 potential clients with your products.

The charge is KES. 1500/= for the first month and KES. 1000/= for the subsequent months if you are interested to use the service after the elapse of one month

Advantages of using the system

  1. It saves you time. Instead of you posting manually all day give you time to do other businesses like deliveries stock taking and attending to the physical clients
  2. The system doesn’t require much effort. Once you set the posting in the morning you are done. Until tomorrow.
  3. The system saves you data bundles you don’t need to stay in Facebook the whole day posting let the system work for you
  4. You reach a wider audience with your products and services daily which in turn increase your business sales


If you are interested in using our automated Facebook posting or need more clarification reach us on 0715 156 024